200 Series Land Cruiser and LX570 ASAP Mud Flaps
200 Series Land Cruiser and LX570 ASAP Mud Flaps
200 Series Land Cruiser and LX570 ASAP Mud Flaps
200 Series Land Cruiser and LX570 ASAP Mud Flaps

200 Series Land Cruiser and LX570 ASAP Mud Flaps

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The long anticipated and highly requested ASAP Flaps are back. We are doing a very limited run, so do not delay and miss your opportunity to grab a set!

They will be available to buy at 6PM MST on Tuesday September 5th. Please ensure you mark your calendar and are ready to purchase right when they go live!

 Please allow approximately 2 weeks for the flaps to ship once ordered.



At the moment, these are only guaranteed to fit stock vehicles running factory tires and bumpers. For more information on fitment on modified trucks, please visit ih8mud to join the discussion and see how others have made them work. 

What are ASAP-Flaps?
Well, in short they are a very high quality, practically indestructible, polyurethane mud flap that can be easily removed and replaced quicker than you can air down one tire.

Why would I remove my mud flaps?
As many of you know, mud flaps can be bad news for any off road vehicle and especially the 100 series. If doing any sort of serious offroading, the flap can become trapped between the tire and obstacle and potentially rip off your bumper.
Why not just completely removed my mud flaps?
There a number of reasons why you should want mud flaps and maybe some we haven't thought of (we would love to hear them):
  1. Keep your vehicle cleaner when driving in inclement weather or muddy roads and prevent things like fresh tar and paint from getting on your paint.
  2. Keep from breaking other people's windshield, especially when traversing dirt/rocky roads as a group.
  3. Some states require mud flaps
  4. Prevent damage to your trailer from rocks, dirt, tar, etc.
  5. And most importantly: because real Land Cruisers always have flaps!

How's it work?
The polyurethane flaps are precisely cut and designed with an integrated handle and keyhole design to allow quick removal. The laser cut stainless steel brackets ensures a secure fit to your vehicle. The front brackets were designed to not interfere with larger tires and actually helps hold back the inner fender well over the infamous pinch weld. The nylon washers were specially chosen to break away to prevent damage in the event you forget the flaps on and back into an obstacle. The design is such that before you finish airing down one tire, you can have all 4 flaps removed and the same with re-installation.

What's included?
Every kit comes with 4 urethane flaps, all stainless brackets, and all corrosion resistant hardware. Stock Bumper kits come with extra brackets and hardware to help reinforce the rear bumper when the factory flaps are removed.

Will they fit my vehicle?
Yes and maybe no. They will fit all fronts unless major modifications have been made to the body plastic (not the fender well or pinch weld). The rear will fit if running the stock bumper.