(will ship by 11/21) LX470 LED Rock Light DIY Kit

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This is the new DIY LX470 (Land Cruiser in the works) rock/courtesy light kit. This kit does not include lights! 4 lights are all that's needed to complete the kit (described below)
      How it works:
          This solution allows you to replace the courtesy lights that came off with your running boards to a much brighter light to illuminate below the doors and make seeing puddles or obstacles on and off the road easy. They are also great for helping light up camp and for seeing underneath during a breakdown (but these are Toyota's, we know that doesn't happen). 


          The brackets are made from 16 gauge 316 corrosion resistant, laser cut stainless steel. They bolt to the frame using the factory AHC suspension bolts and work with AHC installed or even if it's been removed. They work with or without sliders installed as well as with or without the running boards installed. The harness plugs directly into the factory plug using soldered joints and takes advantage of high quality wire taps for a super easy installation.
            What kind of lights do I need:
                Any light with a similar shape and mounting location as the light pictured should work with this kit. The dimensions of the light pictured are approximately 6.2" long, 1.6" wide, and 2" deep. Those lights can be found here: Link 
                  How difficult to install:
                      We strive and we're successful in make these kits super easy to install. The only tool needed for installation is a pair of pliers for the wire taps, 12mm tools for the factory bolts, and the tools required for whichever lights you purchase. Electrical tape is optional for securing the loom around the wires. If you're still unsure, take a look at the instructions
                        What included:
                          • (4) 16 gauge, laser cut 316 stainless steel brackets for mounting lights to the frame
                          • (2) wiring harnesses, one for each side of the truck with factory plugs and wires taps
                          • (2) protective looms for each harness
                          • (6) zip ties for wire management 
                          • (1) silicone for waterproofing wire connectors


                          Important information! Please read before ordering


                          *** All Lexus LX470 models require AHC hardware that holds/held the accumulators/globes in place on the frame.


                          *** Some late models (1998-1999) only allow the lights to turn on with the doors while other models will turn on when the doors are unlocked via the key fob. To verify which you have, set your dome light to "door" and see if it comes on with the when the doors are unlocked with the key fob or if it only comes on when opening the doors.