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The TrakPak
The TrakPak
The TrakPak

The TrakPak

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The TrakPak is the ultimate track mounting solution!

  • Straps to nearly anything for a truly universal fit.
  • Two high quality ratchet straps ensure your valuable cargo isn't going anywhere, even on the roughest of roads.
  • Did we mention adjustability?! TrakPak will fit any tracks between 12 to 14.5 inches wide and 3.5 to 6.5 inches tall when stacked. That's more than 4 of most tracks on the market and 6 maxtrax!
  • Optional QuickFists for mounting shovels, axes, etc.
  • Lots of holes and slots for adding all kinds of necessities.
  • All CNC laser cut aluminum. Weighs less than 6.5 lbs!
  • We wouldn't interfere with the beloved Trasharoo! Not only can you still use one, but the tracks are still accessible too.
  • Bare or powder coated option.
  • USA born and built 🇺🇲


Whats included:

  • CNC laser cut brackets
  • Assembly hardware
  • Two high quality ratchet straps
  • One bungee cord
  • OE Sticker




Q: Is there a way to secure my traction mounts to prevent theft?
A: Yes! Although we always recommend removing any valuable items from your 4x4 when its not in a secure location, you can help prevent theft by using a simple bicycle cable lock through the rim and the mats. We suggest a combo lock instead of keyed as you cant forget the combo at home!


Q: What do I need to mount my TrakPak to my roof rack?
A: That depends largely on the type of roof rack you have. The TrakPak is designed with adjustable mounting points that can be as close together as 12 inches and as far apart as 30 inches. As long as your rack crossbars are within that range, you should be able to mount the TrakPak. As for hardware, you can use the provided ratchet straps to mount to most racks, or you can buy mounting clamps specific to your rack (Thule, Yakima, etc.) and bolt the TrakPak to them.


Q: Is the bungee really enough to keep the mats from flying out??
A: Surprisingly, yes! Because the nature of traction mats, they don't want to slide out on their own anyhow. The mats are easy to remove once the TrakPak is setup properly, but will never just fly out on their own. The bungee is primarily there to keep the mats from rattling around when driving.