About Us

Rami has had a passion for off-roading, mechanics, and fabrication for over 15 years. It all started with an old Jeep that he frequently pushed to the limit and quickly learned how to fix after breaking nearly every part. Since then, his interest in 4x4 have morphed from bashing for fun to utilizing his 4x4 vehicles to find any adventure he can with his fiancee and two huskies.

They frequently spends their weekends in the Southwest United States on the hunt for secluded camping spots and scenic trails. When not out exploring, Rami is running Owl Expedition, born from the necessity for gear and accessories for himself that didn't otherwise exist. Rami also has a Masters degree and works a full time job, for now!

The primary goal of Owl Expedition is to offer top notch products at reasonable prices. All of our products go through lots of testing and are made using the highest of standards. We don't agree with the strategy of gouging the customer to make lots of profit on each item, but instead want to sell as many products as possible at the lowest possible price.